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CloudSuite™ PLM for Fashion

Fashion PLM software that connects your supply chain from sketch to store 


Infor Fashion PLM is the company's newest application that helps seamlessly link vital areas of the fashion supply chain to your business – from line planning, design and development to sourcing, production, inventory management, customers and distribution. Infor Fashion PLM was created using the latest Infor technologies to help fashion brands, manufacturers and private brand retailers develop styles more quickly and efficiently.

Designed to improve collaboration and shorten time to consumer, Infor® Fashion PLM is an end-to-end solution that connects every aspect of a product’s lifecycle. By linking planning, design, development, and execution on a common platform, Infor Fashion PLM delivers a single set of accurate, real-time data that helps increase visibility and provides the foundation for closer collaboration and unified teamwork. With Infor Fashion PLM, you’ll have the tools you need to consolidate operations and accelerate product innovation, every step of the way.

What it is?

Based on years of fashion experience, Infor Fashion PLM is a powerful product lifecycle management solution that offers a full suite of tools to help you achieve faster, more accurate, and more profitable product innovation. With Infor Fashion PLM you get:

  • User Experience – beautiful, intuitive software with a pleasurable and meaningful GUI designed by Hook & Loop

  • Merchandise Planning module

  • Report generator

  • Adobe® Illustrator® plugin

  • Compliance tools

  • Critical path management

  • Task-driven home page

  • Material and trim development

  • Request templates

  • Image management

  • Administration tools

  • Systems integration

  • Partner collaborator

What it does?

  • Synchronize planning and execution - Infor Fashion PLM helps you to become a more responsive business by supporting concurrent line planning, style design, technical product development, and manufacturing sourcing. You can work on multiple collections at the same time and have the flexibility to change directions and fine-tune your individual styles at any stage, without disrupting your momentum.

  • Connect design with data - Featuring a bi-directional Adobe® Illustrator® plugin, Infor Fashion PLM helps your creative teams work with the tools they know and love. They can upload new concepts directly into the system and quickly bring those concepts to life through a set of visual libraries, pre-configured templates, and mass-create and update tools. By connecting creative design ideas to commercial objectives and technical specifications, Infor Fashion PLM helps you increase accuracy and reduce waste. And, it can even help you commercialize new styles faster.

  • Enrich your user experience - By combining a beautiful design with an intuitive interface that’s similar to Excel®, Infor Fashion PLM offers an industry-leading user experience that helps speed up adoption, lower training requirements, and shorten time to value. You’ll be able to work smarter and faster than ever before with simple drag-and-drop functionality, mass capabilities, and a homepage that can be personalized using widgets.

  • Integrate with your infrastructure: Built on open standards technology, Infor Fashion PLM can be seamlessly incorporated into your IT environment. Highly flexible integration capabilities can have you up and running with less disruption and smoother implementation for a more rapid return on investment.

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