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Infor ERP M3

Built for the digital age

Designed for medium to large national and global manufacturers and distributors, Infor® M3 gives you the flexibility to manage mixed-mode and complex value chains.
You get an unmatched user experience, industry-specific functionality, and flexible deployment options in a multi-company, multi-country, and multisite enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With M3, your organization is empowered to quickly adapt as industry trends change, business models transform, and your business grows.

Highlight core functionality

Customer sales

Increase revenue and improve margins with a complete, 360-degree, real-time view of your customer commitments in a multichannel environment. M3 is designed for companies that are fast moving and competitive, whose success depends on differentiated service levels and value-added services. With M3, you get highly integrated customer relationship management (CRM), electronic data interchange (EDI), web, mobile, and traditional sales management tools.


Reduce operational overheads and improve efficiency in discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturing and sourcing value chains with full support for costing, planning, and execution. With M3, you can manage complex, configured discrete and attribute-controlled products as well as recipes and formulas. M3 gives you an integrated, single source of secure structured product data, unstructured data, documentation, and images that can be made available online to all your users.

Equipment, service, and rental management

Gain real-time visibility into the availability, utilization, and reliability of your equipment and assets. With M3’s equipment management solution, you get the support you need to manage the entire equipment lifecycle—from initial forecasting and sale of the equipment, through shipment, renting, servicing, overhaul, and final disposal. When reliability and availability are crucial to your success, you can rely on M3 to help increase profitability.

Financial management

Capture, analyze, and manage all financial information related to your company's operations—both externally and internally. With M3’s multi-dimensional financial accounting capabilities, you can analyze, drill down, and handle all your accounting, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting requirements. True multi-country, multi-company, intra-company and multicurrency capabilities allow you to manage multiple operational units, even when they operate under different country-specific regulations.

Supply chain management

Increase visibility and improve material flow through your extended supply chain by managing planning, scheduling, procurement, and fulfillment for optimum service levels and maximum profitability. With M3 Supply Chain Management, you get a powerful set of tools for demand planning, supply chain planning, plant scheduling, global available-to-promise, capable-to-promise, procurement, and warehouse and transport management.


Get real-time insights from across your complete enterprise, with industry-specific data models, KPIs, metrics, and measures that satisfy the unique requirements of your business. M3’s analytics, powered by Infor BI technology, puts information right at the fingertips of your executives, managers, and users through embedded analytics related to their respective roles. They can access analytics anywhere, anytime, on different devices via mobile capabilities.

Unique Capabilities

Implementation Accelerators
Implement M3 quickly and without major modifications by taking advantage of Infor Implementation Accelerators—a set of preconfigured, industry-specific processes and content to speed up implementation. You’ll be able to reduce project risk and see results faster, while still benefiting from the solution’s flexibility to use continuous improvement over the long term to tailor and evolve the solution to your business.

Prepackaged industry analytics
Get industry-specific analysis packs containing prebuilt dashboards, reports, and KPIs tailored to your specific industry. M3’s prepackaged industry analytics provide fast, easy-to-use business intelligence that yield comprehensive, detailed, and contextualized information to help you manage your business strategically, tactically, and operationally.

Intuitive user experience
Empower your users to interact with the solution and each other like never before. Powered by Infor OS, M3 allows you to give your users personalized homepages that centralize processes and information by role, delivering access to everything from analytics to alerts that users need based on their responsibilities and priorities. 

Deployment options
With Infor M3, you have a variety of flexible and secure deployment options, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid configuration. Infor supports all of these deployment options and is committed to working with you to find the option that best meets your organization's needs, drives best practices, and enables you to capitalize on new technology.

M3 solution map

M3 is built on a foundation of always up-to-date, easy-to-integrate, industry-specific suites and cross-industry applications; in-context business intelligence; and an intuitive user experience that is mobile and empowers meaningful business collaboration.

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