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Infor SCE

Differentiate your business from the competition

Meet Infor® Supply Chain Execution—the first warehouse management system designed to let you view and manage your warehouse activities as a coherent whole. By combining labor management, transportation management, and third-party logistics (3PL) billing with warehouse management in a single, unified solution with a common database and user interface, you can unite your entire supply chain into an integrated, streamlined business process.
You’ll be able to eliminate bottlenecks and improve all-around efficiency, while reducing your total cost of ownership. With built-in integrations, such as voice picking, you can accelerate time to market. And with support for 14 languages and 40+ countries, you’ll be able to differentiate your business by enacting operating procedures with a true global footprint.

Highlights and core functionally


Reduce costs and improve throughput by streamlining the receiving process with POs or ASNs at the warehouse with appointments and dock door scheduling, in combination with RF confirmation at the case or pallet level.

  • Paper, RF, workstation receiving

  • Cross-dock/flow-through

  • Appointment calendar

  • PO-level appointment creation based on bill of lading and ASNs

  • Print system-generated labels

  • Capture attributes (best before date, lot number, catch weight)

  • Quality checks

  • Returns processing

  • PO/ASN tracking by status


Improve operational efficiency and speed up processes by configuring putaway plans that move product directly to primary pick faces or preferred zones for optimum replenishment and picking.

  • RF-directed and RF-assisted putaway support (voice enabled)

  • Supports task management and labor management

  • Choice of pallet fit algorithms

  • Mixed, rainbow, and multi-pallet putaway

Inventory Management

Maintain real time inventory with attribute visibility (perishable, manufacturer date, serialization number, more) at the discreet location level.

  • Dynamic slotting of locations based on pick volume

  • Cycle counting

  • Multi-owner inventory

  • RF inquiry by item, location, case and drop ID

  • Cycle count by lot, location, and item

  • Inventory adjustment/movement with reason codes

  • Facility-wide inventory

  • Complete transaction logging

Wave Management

Optimize picking operations with custom waves that allow you to build shipments based on business needs (such as store friendly, store ship schedule, cube, and more).

  • Build, save, and schedule waves using a graphical query builder

  • Produce store-friendly outbound cartons using Boolean operators to customize waves

  • Control wave size by order, order line, weight, and cube maximums

  • Generate brick-and-mortar and e-commerce waves from the same inventory

Replenishment and picking

Maximize pick accuracy for fulfilling orders for both omni-channel and traditional brick and mortar destinations by using the most appropriate replenishment and pick method (such as cluster, batch, voice, and more).

  • RF-assisted and RF-directed replenishments and picks

  • Supports multiple replenishment and pick types

  • Replenishments based on fixed location quantity (min/max) and fit test

  • Dynamic slotting for forward pick faces

  • Substitute item picking

  • Work order integration (kitting)

Loading and shipping

Use RF-directed loading to load warehouse-to-store and warehouse-to-warehouse shipments in desired sequences (such as reverse stop, store group, no sequence) with accurate outbound documentation.

  • Supports load scheduling and load planning

  • RF-based shipping at the order, wave, or drop ID level

  • Small parcel interface with Kewill® (rating and tracking, label printing, and international shipping)

  • RF-based closing load with seal and carrier capture

  • Supports transshipments

Task management

Increase overall employee productivity by defining task priorities, interleaving, and shortening driving distances.

  • Create user profiles, with permissions at the activity level

  • Determine next assigned task by permission, then priority, and then proximity for ties (interleaving)

  • Set task escalation rules by activity, with reason codes for task rejection

  • See outstanding and completed tasks

Labor management

Improve employee performance by comparing actual task performance time to established labor standards.

  • Create standards at the element level, with conditions and PFD allowances

  • Calculate shortest paths based on XYZ, aisle direction, and access points

  • View graphical displays of travel paths, aisles, and locations

  • See RF views of standard and actual time to complete tasks

  • Perform labor planning

Transportation management

Maintain an active list of all active carriers with the ability to rate and optimize routes at the shipment level.

  • Carrier definition with SCAC codes and automatic PRO number generation

  • Address book of suppliers, customers, and internal organizations

  • Rating and route optimization of shipments

  • Carrier tendering

  • Ability to create, edit, split, and cancel a shipment

  • Multiple freight-rate pricing models

3pl Billing

Seamlessly support 3PL operations by maintaining inventory at the discreet customer level, with activity-based costing and billing and invoicing.

  • Supports multi-account multi-warehouse

  • Customer-specific workflows

  • Customizable labels by customer

  • Inventory traceability by customer

  • 3PL dashboards by industry, custom dashboards

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Infor SCE

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Infor Supply Chain Execution is a package to make you have full control of your warehousing process. Infor Supply Chain provides a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS). WMS is a thing in many industries, for example, is the e-commerce industry, a good Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can handle a lot of order in a certain time without a problem. Especially in Indonesia, in Indonesia there more than 3 major national sales for e-commerce. Every time they take part in that sale, there are a lot of visitors came to their sites to shop. A good Warehouse Management System (WMS) should be handling this easily.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Infor can make your Supply Chain Management (SCM) easier with Infor SCE (Supply Chain Execution). Supply Chain Management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the active streamlining of a business's supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supply Chain attempt to centrally control the production, shipment, and distribution of a product. 

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