Infor Birst® Embedded Analytics

Create cutting-edge analytical products with a comprehensive business intelligence platform

Modern business intelligence and analytics

Are you building an analytical product or looking to monetize your data—but don’t have the time, resources, or domain expertise? Birst® delivers a comprehensive business intelligence platform and business analytics that integrate data management, data discovery, BI dashboards, and predictive analytics in one place, so you have the utilities you need easily embedded into your applications.


  • True multi-tenant cloud architecture

  • Fast integration and go to market

  • Years of experience supporting embedded customers

  • Deployment choices for data store and platform

  • Unique Networked BI approach

  • Variety of information presentation styles


Monetize data with Business Intelligence

Easily turn information assets into business analytics and insights. Create different pricing schemes, benchmarks, and analytic functionality.


Powerful data management

Birst is a business intelligence and analytics platform that has built-in powerful data management, full integration with your data sources, single sign-on framework, web service APIs, and flexible white-labeling to match your brand's look and feel.

Differentiate and drive stickiness

Provide customers with self-service data discovery, Business Intelligence dashboards, and data-blending capabilities for a fully modern, next-generation business analytics solution.


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