Company Profile

About Us

Established in 1995 as one of five business units under the Cormic Technology Group of Companies, providing End to End IT Solutions to corporate customers in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta with Office branches in Surabaya and Bandung, our services encompass survey, assessment, implementation, commissioning, installation, maintenance, turnkey project management, and consultancy. 
Over the years, the Company has positioned itself as the Solution Provider for Enterprise & Carrier Network in Indonesia for both Data and Voice Networks and has achieved numerous successes in
implementation to Multinational Companies, Telco’s, and Government Institutions. Nowadays, in line with the growth of company business and the rising of customer’s demand on end to end IT solutions, we are expanding our services in the field of Enterprise Business Solutions, Business Performance Management and strengthen Voice Networking Solutions.
We admit those successes can only be achieved through dedication, innovation, and a high level of technical competence. This perseverance to succeed will proper us to serve customers better today and the years ahead.

Our Vision

To be the most leading company in delivering End to End IT solution for the customers across the country, by innovating the right and proper technology.


The Company believes that the most important factor of success is to build a long term relationship with its customers. This has been an important key to the growth of the Company during these past