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Industries - Consumer - Retail



Labor productivity improvement


Return of invesment


Margin increase

The next generation of retail software is here

When a retailer’s greatest asset is getting new ideas to consumers quickly, companies can’t afford to let technology slow them down. Instead, it must help address key industry issues. Here are some key challenges and goals that Infor helps its customers address every day.

  • Smart. Predictive analytics and machine learning for data-driven decision-making.

  • Powerful. Built-in the cloud for simplicity, scalability, and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Margin compression. Design assortments and collections must maintain lifecycle margin despite price/promotion pressure and increasing costs to serve.


Industries - Consumer - Fashion



Improvement in productivity cost


shorten product development time


Top-line sales due to responsive

Optimization and efficiency of your business from head to toe

Our simplified ERP solutions have fashion industry functionality built-in, enabling you to adapt quickly while prioritizing sustainability throughout the supply chain. It continuously provides new capabilities for managing evolving business models and improving visibility from end to end.

  • Innovation. Take advantage of monthly capability updates in our multi-tenant cloud solutions.

  • Fashion business model. Manage a wide range of business models, including circular fashion with global localization support.

  • Speed to market. Experience a shorter time to value, faster time to market, and a higher success rate for your new products with preconfigured capabilities, processes, tools, training, and analytics.

Food & Beverage

Industries - Consumer - Food & Beverage



Improvement in productivity cost


Increase in production 


Cost reduction

A fresh approach to technology

Simplified ERP solutions have food and beverage industry functionality built-in for operational excellence, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning, and asset management.

  • Safety, quality, and compliance. Food companies earn trust and brand value with the food safety, visualized end-to-end traceability, and rapid recall capabilities our software provides.

  • Industry 4.0 transformation. Implementing a modern and comprehensive food ERP system enables a digital transformation.

  • Multi-tenant cloud solutions for the food industry. Innovate your business and products without disruption. Take advantage of monthly capability updates in our multi-tenant cloud solutions.

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Food & Beverage Solution

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