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Industries / Manufacturing



Industries - Manufacturing - Automotive



Improvement in productivity


Increase in production capacity


Cost reduction

Turbocharge your productivity
Automotive manufacturers rely on Infor to help them modernize business processes, tackle complexity, and leverage Industry 4.0 technologies. Here are some unique challenges that Infor helps the auto industry overcome every day

  • Purpose-built. An advanced suite of integrated business solutions designed and built by automotive experts.

  • Flexible. Able to scale and grow to meet your complex business needs across geographies.

  • Beautiful. Automotive solutions that are as easy to use and attractive as consumer software.

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Automotive Solution


Industries - Manufacturing - Chemicals



Improvement in productivity cost


Increase in production equipment


Top-line sales due to responsive

The catalyst for growth and efficiency

Respond to customers' demands faster and more profitably, and meet the increased burden of regulatory governance with Infor Chemicals. With this purpose-built set of applications, you can better solve the unique challenges of your industry that legacy ERP solutions can't serve—challenges such as the planning of co-products and by-products, formula optimization, seasonality, attribute costing, regulatory compliance, and quality.

  • New products. Bring products to market faster while meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer demands.

  • Micro-vertical functionality. Get deep functionality for specialized needs, from the planning of co-products and by-products to formula matching and optimization, attribute costing, and more.

  • Legacy platforms and applications. Siloed and customized solutions limit access to insights and analytics and create barriers to adopting innovations such as smart manufacturing.


Chemicals Solution

Industrial Manufacturing

Industries - Manufacturing - Industrial Manufacturing



Improvement in productivity cost


Increase in production equipment


Cost reduction

Solutions for the new paradigm

Industrial manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation. Meanwhile, manufacturers are under growing pressure to increase product performance and utilization. Compete and innovate more effectively with the help of our ERP solutions for industrial manufacturing.

  • Innovative. Manufacturing expertise: Differentiate your brand and build customer loyalty with continually evolving technology that helps you turn trends like the Internet of Things and mass customization into a competitive advantage.

  • Specialized. Micro-vertical functionality: Get solutions built specifically for your unique needs, from minimizing scrap to maintaining spare parts.

  • Beautiful. Consumer-inspired user experience: Increase efficiency and attract new talent with a consumer-inspired user experience that’s been designed to mirror personal technology.

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Industrial Manufacturing Solution

High Tech & Electronics

Industries - Manufacturing - High Tech & Electronics



Increase in revenue due to reduced NPI Cycle time


Reduction in inventory


Shorter delivery times

Increase speed to innovation

Technology and electronics manufacturers rely on Infor’s ERP solutions for high-tech manufacturing to get products to market faster, leverage real-time visibility into the end-to-end supply chain, and gain the agility to be ready for whatever comes next.

  • Innovative. Go to market faster, while meeting regulatory requirements and customer demands.

  • Collaborative. Streamline and simplify communication with customers, partners, and suppliers.

  • Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Disconnected, heavily customized solutions impede competition in Industry 4.0.

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Industrial Manufacturing Solution

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