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Industries / Public Sector

Public Sector


Industries - Public Sector - Government



Decrease in employee turnover


Reduction in equipment downtime


Reduction in duplicate payments

Solutions for most critical challenges

From citizen services and independent agencies to defense, intelligence, and healthcare, federal organizations need solutions to support their mission on the front lines—in the back office and on the home front.

  • Maintaining visibility across agencies and departments. Integrated systems and automation for data visibility can better inform mission decisions.

  • Managing diverse assets. Capital planning requires real-time tracking, proactive performance management, and federal government asset support to truly be effective.

  • Ensuring security vigilance. Agencies need protections and defenses against potential breaches and espionage threats.


Industries - Public Sector - Education



Improvement in recruitment


Improvement in developing strategy


Reduction in equipment downtime

Respond to future challenges smarter

With Infor's ERP software solutions for school districts, the future of primary school education and (the K-12 school system) can see success despite today's challenging economy and environment.

  • Application support and network security. Aged systems and retiring IT staff and shrinking budgets require secure cloud alternatives.

  • Finance and budgeting insight. Limited ability to consolidate, project, and report due to lack of KPIs across the school district.

  • Manage assets and infrastructure. Asset effectiveness is affected by a lack of proactive maintenance on the school bus fleet, facilities, and other critical infrastructure.

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