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More powerful ERP and CRM Software, An attractive option to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP

  • Specialized for each industry

  • Support SAAS on-premise 

  • The only tier 1 software company that focus the enterprise software industry

  • Beautiful user interface

  • Big Data, AI, IoT ready

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Infor Enterprise software ERP solutions that are built for the cloud, built for your industry. From manufacturing to healthcare to retail, we cover all industries and have ERP end-to-end solutions that are brought together by artificial intelligence technology. 


Specialized for Each Industry


The software has been designed specialized for what Industry you are. We make it specialized because every industry has a unique appeal.

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Tier 1 Software Company


As a tier 1 software company, we have a great focus on the enterprise software industry.


SaaS On-Premise

Infor software is flexible based on your preferences. Do you want it SaaS or on-premise?


Beautiful User Interface


We do care about you, about how you interact with our software. A beautiful design user interface makes beautiful experiences.


Big Data, AI, IoT Ready


Our systems adapt the latest technology.

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