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Infor Warehouse  (WMS)

Warehouse Management Software - When speed and accuracy are critical to customer satisfaction, businesses must rely on their warehouses to keep the supply chain moving.

Infor WMS lets businesses manage distribution center activities holistically. The solution combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to reduce complexity and support enhanced operational execution. Designed with configurability and intuitive use, CloudSuite WMS is ready to power next-generation, technology-enhanced, global warehousing operations.

Highlights and core features

Continuous innovation
Build budgets, forecasts, and operational and Version-less cloud updates require no upgrades ever

Seamless automation integration
Orchestrating man and machine cooperability

Omnichannel optimization
Meet customer needs through every fulfillment channel

Easy ERP integration
Out of the box, functionality accelerates implementation

Labor productivity
Maximize the human element of your warehouse operations

3D visual warehouse provides insight into bottlenecks and assets

A unified WMS built for performance and scale

B2B and D2C processing from a single facility

Simplify and optimize omnichannel fulfillment operations

  • Intuitive Wave Management

  • Flexible allocations including Dynamic, Hard, and others

  • Multiple levels of a unit of measure (eaches, inner packs, cases, pallets, pounds, kilo)

  • Inventory attributes such as lot codes, country of origin, shelf life, size, style, color, and more

  • Easy integration to small parcel shipping systems


Immediate insights with visual warehouse

Gain enhanced visibility of the facility to improve and streamline inventory management

  • Validation of physical configuration setup

  • Visual queries of inventory, locations, and orders

  • Bottleneck congestion analysis

  • View historical, active, and aged tasks with color heat indicators

  • Travel path analysis

Personalized user experience

Customize the interface to meet the user’s specific needs

  • Multi-language Support

  • Home Pages with alerts and collaboration

  • RF Screens that show visible fields, flow, color

  • Reports: tailor existing, create ad-hoc

  • Label and paperwork formats


Reporting, analytics, and alerts

Take advantage of business intelligence at the facility and enterprise level

  • Online and mobile inquiries

  • Operational created analytics and dashboards

  • Standard operational reports

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Connect and drive enterprise analytics


INFORThe modern industry ERP

All the business capabilities you need, securely in the cloud

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